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Powder In a Bag In a Box (PBB)

Our Powder in a Bag in Box (PBB) products can treat most cooling tower and boiler water systems. PBB products provide state-of-the-art corrosion and scale control in a convenient pouch. The pouch eliminates the need for drums, providing many other advantages including:

  • Reduces safety concerns without drum handling
  • Eliminates spill concerns – just sweep it up with a broom!
  • Eliminates drum disposal costs
  • Significantly reduces freight costs
  • Reduces labor for handling, dispensing, and disposal
  • Reduces storage space requirements
  • Water, energy, greenhouse gas savings

One case of PBB replaces 20-30 gallons or 200-300 pounds of liquid. So convenient to use: just empty the pouch into the compact makedown system and toss the bag in the trash. Then recycle the cardboard. It’s that easy!

PBB Brochure
Ultrex Plus PBB