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DuBois has a full line of metal cleaners for removing paint, tough grease and carbonized soils from wheels, engine blocks, carburetors, cylinder heads, and other engine components. 

Cabinet Wash Cleaners:  Our cabinet wash cleaners are low foaming, even in high pressure systems. The detergent packages quickly penetrate tenacious greases and oils. Met-ALL TERJ is widely used in the first cleaning steps during reconditioning of remanufactured goods.

Hot Tank Degreasers:   We engineer our hot tank cleaners for maximum bath life.  They easily solubilize carbonized soil and rust, then hold it in solution so it won’t redeposit on your parts.  Blockhead is one of our most popular liquid products for degreasing engine blocks, and it is particularly effective at removing scale from inside water jackets.

Paint & Rust Strippers:  We have a complete line of additives and concentrated built products that will remove today’s modern finishes fast, saving you time and money.  Some of our most widely used paint strippers include Stripper 4C for ferrous metals and GF STRIP 390 for removing coatings from aluminum at ambient temperatures.

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