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Deposit Prevention

The build-up of deposits in your papermaking system can cause equipment damage, product defects and machine corrosion.  Our deposit prevention technologies can help save you money by reducing costly downtime and repairs. Here are areas where we focus:

Pitch and Stickies Control:  Pitch, stickies and coated broke can cause major efficiency issues for your machine.  DuBois can design a custom deposit control program based on your machine conditions, improving runnability and minimizing downtime.  Every DuBois deposit control program is paired with an industry leading cleaning program.

Fabric and Roll Treatment:  Deposits on your machine’s fabrics and rolls can lead to costly downtime, product defects or even damage to the machine.  Our Nexus and Neutra Shield technologies are proven to prevent deposits on fabrics and rolls. 

Biocides and Scale Control:  Biological growth and scale build-up can lead to sheet defects, machine damage and corrosion and lost production.  DuBois can tailor programs specific to your machine conditions that will provide biological or scale prevention.