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Food & Beverage

DuBois has a long history providing best in class cleaning solutions for the food processing and beverage industries.  We focus on open plant cleaning (OPC), clean-in-place (CIP), and sanitization.  DuBois serves many industries including:

  • Specialty “ready to eat”
  • Further process (meat, poultry, seafood)              
  • Beverages and breweries

We also provide excellent maintenance and floor cleaners for storage & refrigeration facilities.

Our most recent innovative product families include:

QUEL™ - The core of critical cleaners

  • Engineered  for performance
  • Value guaranteed

ExteCon™ - Dilutable thickened foam cleaners

  • Ideal for exterior equipment surfaces
  • Cling to all surfaces maximizing contact and cleaning
  • Formulated for foam collapses during rinsing
  • Save labor and water “chasing foam”
Solutions for Breweries
Quel Brochure
ExteCon Brochure